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TelephoneLeLingo.fr bilingual HELPLINE

* Open 7 days a week

* Dedicated phone line

* Skype™ and Google Talk by appointment

* From just €30 for 1 hour of help

Click to join my Lelingo.fr HELPLINE service today  for ongoing peace of mind.

SmileAvoid surprises - understand and be understood

In any situation where you need help, or can't understand or make yourself understood, just call my LeLingo.fr helpline.

Wherever you are you can always call, pass over your phone and we will be your voice in French, your personal interpreter 'at your side'.

Some examples of how the Lelingo.fr helpline could help you:

Car in an accident, broken down, on the side of the road or in a garage. Instant help making arrangements for recovery, service, repair or collection.

Helping with formalities: health insurance, house and car insurance. Opening a bank account, registering to vote, starting a business.

Ordering goods, materials or a service. Shop, builders merchant, undertaker.

In a meeting with a notaire, estate agent, bank, insurance broker, prefecture, mairie.

Discussing works with a builder or tradesman and verifying their references and insurance cover.

Explaining symptoms to a doctor, dentist, nurse, vet. Understanding and answering their questions.

Making an appointment - doctor, dentist, hospital, garage, tax office, notaire, estate agent.

Dealing with utility companies.

Ordering a taxi or arranging a hire car.

Explaining a problem or a need.

Complaining about a poor product or service.

Arranging a delivery.

Immediate help in any situation where understanding and clear communication are essential to achieving the result you seek.

The LeLingo.fr bilingual helpline - breaking the language barrier.

You never know when you might need it, so be prepared—take out a subscription now.

Click to join my LeLingo.fr HELPLINE service today  for ongoing peace of mind.

Once you have joined you will receive your personal account number and a dedicated mobile line to call. Your subscription credit time is valid for up to twelve months from the purchase date. Use it as you need and you can top it up any time you choose.

Full details are on the PRICING page of my web site.

Call me on + 33 (0) 660 556 664

Breaking the language barrier