PeopleBilingual help service

This is perhaps the most proactive, creative and satisfying part of my work because it usually involves helping people to ACHIEVE something or to SOLVE a problem. I really enjoy this kind of challenge.

From composing a simple letter to taking on the "system" on your behalf , this is where I could help you. The potential scope is so wide that I will simply cite some examples of my past work.

Extracting an innocent British juvenile from custody in a French police station.

Recovering over fourteen thousand Euros in overcharged capital gains tax for a client based in Hong Kong.

Initial interpreting then project managing an interesting new build project in France for an English architect.

Successfully representing a British owner during a highly suspicious compulsory purchase attempt by a small Commune.

Initial interpreting then facilitating and coordinating a large new build and renovation project in South West France for a British designer client.

Assisting with funeral arrangements for a non French speaking British family in France.

Successfully negotiating a planning permission for a most unusual contemporary house with the various planning authorities concerned. My own house!

Now, you can have almost instant access to my bilingual help services by subscribing to my bilingual helpline.

Perhaps I could help you too.

Please telephone me, without obligation, for a confidential and informal chat to find out how I could help.

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Breaking the language barrier