telephone help lineHelpline: Car breakdown on the motorway:

"I would recommend your helpline to anyone traveling in France who doesn't speak the lingo. Without your help we'd probably still be stuck with the screaming kids in the back! Thanks again Tim, cheers."

Derek & Rita F, Gosport. 2012

french english translationsTranslation summary of 26 page sale contract:

"Many many thanks Tim, Concise, precise and cogent. Perfect. Good idea to tie the Notary down as to payment times etc. Have a nice day."

RS, Canary Islands. 2012

french english bilingual helpBilingual help - taking on the tax authorities 'after the event':

"When I sold my holiday home in France, the tax authorities took over 14,000 euros in Capital Gains tax from the proceeds!

Even though I had actually made a loss on the sale compared to my investment, the Notaire's involved said they could do nothing to help.

Tim's knowledge of the French system, his attention to detail and direct intervention by telephone and with the preparation and submission of a fully documented appeal, eventually enabled me to have the entire sum refunded.

Thank you Tim."

OH, Hong Kong. 2009

french english bilingual helpBilingual help - negotiating and submitting a request for planning permission:

"Tim's knowledge of the French planning system, and his ability to deal with the various elements—in person, by letter and by phone—from mairie to regional department, enabled us to get planning permission very rapidly indeed.

His understanding of building technicalities was a real bonus.

Having heard horror stories about how difficult these things can be to someone like myself who is both unfamiliar with the way things work in France, and does not speak French, Tim's input was invaluable."

AT, Shrewsbury. 2010

french english interpreterInterpreting with bilingual help - hospitalisation :

"Recently I was hospitalised for an urgent operation. Unfortunately I speak very little French so this was a daunting prospect for me. Tim came with me to the hospital, dealt with all the entry formalities, got me installed in my room, and organised a telephone line by my bed. When I was stuck for words or didn't understand what was being asked of me I was able to telephone him using the help line service and he sorted things for me. Many thanks Tim, an excellent service."

JB, Montaigu de Quercy, France. 2012

French English translation summaryTranslation summary - Summary of three page official letter:

"I spent months trying to get planning permission for our new house. Documents went to and fro and I finally received a long letter which I didn't understand but took to be a refusal.

I scanned and emailed it to Tim to see if he could explain and do something to help us.

Within a few minutes he sent me a summary by email to tell me that I had, in fact, been granted the planning permission!

Celebrations all round. Brilliant!"

BG, near Fumel, France. 2011

French English translationTranslation - 1500 word technical article for publication in a specialist magazine:

" As a bilingual journalist I usually do my own translations. Overwhelmed with work and a print deadline looming I gave Tim less than 16 hours, including overnight, to complete the technical translation, which he did with two hours to spare."

CB, South West France. 2012

bilingual help lineHelpline - urgent medical assistance:

" Taken ill suddenly on a building site Tim organised my visit to the local doctor then walked me through the receptionist, the doctor and the chemist, and all this on the phone. Fantastic service and highly recommended"

DB, Dorset. 2010

French English interpreting with bilingual helpInterpreting with bilingual help

"We recently purchased a plot of land with outline planning upon which to build our dream retirement home. As our French is extremely limited we asked Tim to accompany us to the Notaire as interpreter and to hold our hands through the initial contract signing.

With his experience in these matters he insisted we insert a get out clause in the event that our detailed planning application was refused. His participation also enabled us to delay the completion date until our application was decided by the planners. We could not have done all this without his help and support."

JT, near Montcuq, France, 2011

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