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I’m Tim Abady, I like helping people and my aim is to make your life easier.

I provide bilingual services with a plus—my knowledge and experience of France and French life and how things are done here. Even the French themselves sometimes find dealing with bureaucracy difficult, and for someone who is not, it can prove baffling, impenetrable and, quite often, terrifying. But I have tackled the system and usually succeeded.

Entente CordialeAlthough I am English, I have a French education, and I have lived in France for over 22 years. During that time, amongst other things I spearheaded a five year long campaign against EDF to prevent very high tension power lines ruining an unspoilt landscape: I was told this was 'mission impossible' - but we prevailed.

Other examples: I have organized several building projects, including negotiating planning permissions; recovered over 14,000 euros in capital gains tax for a client. The list goes on, you can read more about it from this link. So, I know my way around the system.

My expertise and experience can be put to work for you. If you want a letter translated - I am happy to do that. And I’ll summarise the key points, or explain any implications if you wish.

Or if you are doing something critical — perhaps buying a house — I’ll come with you to the notaries office and explain what is going on and get your questions answered.

If you think you may need help with things French, just call me without commitment, and I’ll explain how, and if, I can be of service.

TelephoneWith my BILINGUAL HELPLINE you'll have fast access to help you sort out language problems on the spot - wherever you are. You never know when immediate help may be needed, so this is a wise investment in peace of mind.

I am affordable, and prices for my service are agreed in advance of any activity. My reputation is built on trust and I would like to work for you more than once, and to have your recommendation.

So why not contact me now—you never know when you'll need my services in a hurry.

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Call me on +33 (0) 660 556 664
Breaking the language barrier

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